Agrajag Rediscovered

Going through the files on an old family computer, I discovered a long-lost email exchange with Douglas Adams:

Subject: Re: Agrajag
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 17:52:48 -0700
From: "Douglas Adams" <askdna@TDV.COM>
To: Martin Karel <karel@BELLATLANTIC.NET>

Irene –
I’m pretty bad at planning what’s going to happen next week. Alex is exactly right.

Douglas Adams | <http:;
The Digital Village | <http:;

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> Hi,
> Please settle a debate between me and my brother. I held forth that
> you must have already had Agrajag in mind when you wrote the bit about
> the pot of flowers that, when falling, said "Oh no, not again!" But
> Alex thinks that you probably just randomly stuck that line in there,
> and came up with Agrajag later and it just happened to fit. If I’m
> right, then we are very impressed with your degree of planning ahead,
> seeing as how it was four years between the publishing dates of
> "Hitchhiker’s Guide" and "Life, the Universe, and Everything."
>            – Irene Karel,
>               an adoring fan

Perhaps worth noting: the saved text file was 1337 bytes.


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