I wonder what Intel is up to?



“A proposed long term solution: a new functional language that features implicit parallelism, dependent typing, and an effects type system”

“We are also working with an ISV on a compiler for a parallel functional language
– Strict, but not call by value for implicit parallelism (maybe
with lightweight annotations)
– Arrays and array comprehensions for data parallelism
– Effects system to contain impure features
– Atomic for state updates”



“For five years Intel’s Programming Systems Lab (PSL) has been collaborating with an external partner on a new functional programming language designed for productivity on many-core processors. While the language is not yet public, this talk outlines motivations behind the language and describes our experiences in implementing it using a variety of functional languages. The reference interpreter is written in Haskell and compiled with GHC while PSL’s performance implementation is written in SML and compiled with Mlton. We have also generated Scheme code compiled with PLT Scheme as part of a prototyping effort.”


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