Citation Chains

Here’s a fun game to play on Google Scholar:

  1. Search for a relatively old paper in your field of choice. It will, presumably, be the top result.
  2. Note the number N in the “Cited by N” link under the top result’s abstract. Also note the year of publication.
  3. Click the “Cited by N” link.
  4. GOTO 2.

For example, here’s what results from searching for Luca Cardelli’s paper A polymorphic lambda-calculus with Type : Type:

Paper Name Pub
by <N>
per year
A polymorphic lambda-calculus with Type: Type 1986 72 4
The calculus of constructions 1986 1053 44
A framework for defining logics 1993 1155 68
Proof-carrying code 1997 1873 145
Xen and the art of virtualization 2003 2375 340
Globus toolkit version 4: Software for service-oriented systems 2006 1179 295
A taxonomy of data grids for distributed data sharing, management, and processing 2006 175 88
A toolkit for modelling and simulating data Grids: an extension to GridSim 2008 38 20
Service and utility oriented distributed computing systems […] 2008 11 4


It’s sort of nifty to see the “arch” of citations, and citations/year, over time.

Other interesting searches:

  • program slicing
  • featherweight

Not very interesting:

  • grain elevators

One thought on “Citation Chains

  1. It’s eenormous that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing
    as well as from our dialogue made here.

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