Building protobuf with MinGW GCC 4.4.0

So, after tearing my hair out for an hour this morning, I finally managed to build protobuf using MinGW and GCC 4.4.0, using the msys install from mozilla-build 1.4.

The two major sticking points are

  1. mozilla-build includes autoconf 2.59, whereas protobuf requires autoconf 2.61 at minimum. Solution: download the msys autoconf 2.63 package, and install to /usr/local/bin/autoconf-2.63/, and temporarily export a prefixed $PATH for building protobuf.
  2. protobuf attempts to link against /c/mozilla-build/msys/mingw/lib/gcc/mingw32/4.4.0/libstdc++.dll.a, which fails because that file doesn’t exist. Solution: edit the file in that directory, replacing libstdc++.dll.a with libstdc++.a in the definition for library_names

2 thoughts on “Building protobuf with MinGW GCC 4.4.0

  1. Thanks man! I was trying to build litiff so then i can build OSG, but i was having the same problema with libstdc++.dll.a, changed it and it worked!

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