I could have sworn I already posted this…

Apologies to everyone who’s been eager to see the results of my Summer of Code project. School has left me busier than I expected to be.

That said, here are instructions for building render-jp2. Replace $OBJDIR and $SRCDIR with the appropriate values, depending on your .mozconfig.

  1. Download and build Mozilla’s source through CVS.
  2. (from the root mozilla dir:) svn co http://svn.eschew.org/projects/mozilla/jp2/libjasper/mozilla/extensions/render-jp2/ extensions/render-jp2/
  3. cd $OBJDIR
  4. $SRCDIR/build/autoconf/make-makefile extensions/render-jp2/
  5. make -C extensions/render-jp2/

This results in an XPI in $OBJDIR/dist/xpi-stage/ named something like render-jp2.r294.PLATFORM_ARCH-GECKOVERSION.xpi.

There are also updated Firefox 3 render-jp2 builds for Mac OS X and Windows. Builds for Linux and Firefox 2 should be forthcoming.


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