Very Quick Update

Combination of summer class and two homework assignments being due, Mom flying out of town (and the associated increased cooking/housework load), plus the 4th of July and my girlfriend’s birthday (celebrated twice!) means that I didn’t get to do much Summer of Code work at all this past week. Tonight I’m driving up to PA to meet with a college friend I haven’t seen in a while. Hopefully I’ll get a little bit done tomorrow (Sunday) and more this coming week. I mean, I think I’m still somewhat ahead of schedule (depending on how long item 1 below takes) but I wasn’t anticipating losing a whole week to Real Life ™. Oh well.

On my todo list is to do work on MIME type detection (chatted with pavlov and beisi on IRC, looks like this might require changing Firefox itself, not just extension code), and replace libjasper with OpenJPEG.

I did, however, get a chance to talk by email with one of the developers of the OpenJPEG library, in addition to one of the members of the JPEG committee. Not all development is code, I guess…


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