Wisdom teeth

Update for the day:

Woke up at 2:30 pm, rather later than I had anticipated. Guess I was tired after mowing the lawn then running for four miles.

Getting my wisdom teeth removed in six and a half hours. Took a valium pill about an hour ago, don’t feel much different except that my mouth is dry and I’m beginning to type a little less accurately than usual. Not anticipating getting much useful work done in the next few days.

Was running errands, at UD, and watching Aladdin with Lauren, from 3 until midnight. When I got back and checked email, it looked like someone (not me…) used my PayPal account to buy a 1-month RapidShare account. Scary scary. I filed an unauthorized account dispute with PayPal, so hopefully I’ll get my ten bucks back in a few days. Still… eep. Cue an hour and a half of moving from 8-character to 16-character randomly generated passwords for all my financial logins.


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