Sunday, 3 June 2007

Long (10am to 12am = 14 hours) but relatively productive day today.

  • Updated the Windows 2000 laptop (Bart) to Service Pack 4.
  • Installed Visual Studio 2003 and mozilla-build on Bart, and ran initial checkout of mozilla trunk.
  • Downloaded build prerequisites for a PowerBook G4 (Angel) running Mac OS X 10.3.9
  • Checked out mozilla trunk on Angel, attempted build.
  • Initial build on Angel choked building airbag toolkit; the machine is currently building latest attempt. CPU BOTTOMSIDE: 55 degrees C.
  • Downloaded and installed VMWare Workstation 6 trial on my main machine, and Ubuntu 7.04 on that.
  • Under Ubuntu, downloaded and built Minefield debug build. Interestingly, I think it took less time to install Ubuntu and get Mozilla built under Linux than it took to merely install Visual Studio 2003 on Bart.
  • Went grocery shopping!


  • Finish and/or confirm successful builds of firefox on Windows 2000 and OS X.
  • Try prebuilt XPI on Windows 2000 debug build, see what happens
  • Build render-jp2 from source on Angel and Bart
  • Hopefully, end up with a render-jp2 XPI that works on vanilla Firefox nightlies.

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