Saturday, 19 May

  • Started to rework the Mozilla book site. Minor tweaks, for now.
  • Dragged Lauren to Student Health, finally. She is, as Jess says, “sickypoo.”
  • Came home from Newark.
  • Updated WordPress to 2.2. DreamHost’s one-click installs are really nice, but they do wipe out themes, necessitating some manual intervention.
  • Figured out how to embed PHP code in WordPress posts. Started tweaking the theme to remove one of the sidebars, making for a cleaner look. Plan is to replace the sidebar’s contents with standalone Pages. Also, since most of itself simply includes WordPress CSS, I realized it makes sense to integrate at least some of the site into WordPress’ Pages. Tradeoff between portability and ease of management.
  • Hung three pictures in my bedroom! Flickr pics later.
  • Confirmed that Google received my Summer of Code documentation

Note that no chronological ordering is implied.


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