Chess Club memories



8 thoughts on “Chess Club memories

  1. lol. my strategy is to find a legal move that wont immediately get a checkmate and i go for it..

    and are you coming to see the musical?? i’m actually not in it but i’m showing off some mad ushering skills on friday night. it’s march 15, 16, 17 @ 7.

    • musical

      I *think* I’ll be able to make it on Friday. Luckily my parents are pretty good at the whole chauffeur thing by now.

      Haha hey, your chess strategy kicked my ass the first time we played, in case you forgot! 😀

      • Re: musical

        ooh goodie!! i’m looking forward to it, i haven’t seen you in roughly 3927508176 years.

        and actually i did forget, or more likely i just assumed that you let me win out of pity, which happens a lot 😛

      • Re: musical

        Haha, no, no pity from me, sorry. I’d be merciless, except I’m not good enough at chess to pull it off. So sad.

        I *think* I’ll be able to make it — my parents are flying in from Montana Friday afternoon around 5, but Lauren’s parents said they can drive us from the airport. Fingers crossed.

    • Haha, yeah I do… Lauren actually mentioned it too the other day when we were talking about Brandywine memories. She said the chess set was one of the only things she knew about me back then.

      Heck, I even used that chess set in Calculus and pwned the 11th graders.

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