Schrodinger’s Cookies

(2006-12-13 19:33:49) Ben Karel: actually now that you mention it I DO remember baking cookies for you last year

(2006-12-13 19:34:51) Mike Zink: what kind were they?
(2006-12-13 19:35:02) Ben Karel: chocolate chip, with and without nuts

(2006-12-13 19:35:16) Ben Karel: schrodinger’s cookies

(2006-12-13 19:35:17) Mike Zink: schrodinger?!?!
(2006-12-13 19:35:23) Mike Zink: what?
(2006-12-13 19:35:39) Ben Karel: with and without nuts! like his cat… dead and not dead
(2006-12-13 19:35:52) Ben Karel: I’m sorry, terrible physics joke with no lead up
(2006-12-13 19:35:57) Mike Zink: lol
(2006-12-13 19:35:59) Ben Karel: and no real punch line either, come to think of it
(2006-12-13 19:36:05) Mike Zink: you nearly had me googling schrodinger’s cookies
(2006-12-13 19:36:09) Ben Karel: hahahha


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