let your dreams be dreams

I just had a dream in which I beat a large shark to death. With a deer.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “let your dreams be dreams

  1. eh, almost beats mine.

    my uncle follows me to ritas, proceeds to rip me apart for my choice in career, thus launching me into a rage and forcing me to pin him to the ground and berate him about his entire association and attitude towards me… leaving him completely unscathed.

    then he follows me home to continue to belittle me… until i killed him.



    don’t have the best relationship with my uncle, but i never thought… that i disliked him that much. (he did give me a lot of trouble about choosing music over field hockey – the first time i actually got irritated and told him exactly what i thought of that idea… and it wasn’t positive feedback, but… eh.)

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