Christopher Moore:

Children see magic because they look for it.

Oh, he’ll tell me useless angel stories — of how Gabriel disappeared once for sixty years and they found him on earth hiding in the body of a man named Miles Davis […] (29).

You see, my plan is working. For it is written that ‘if the wise man always appears stupid, his failures do not disappoint, and his success gives pleasant surprise.'”
Maggie smacked me on the leg. “That is not written.”
“Sure it is, Imbiciles three, verse seven.”
“There is no book of Imbeciles.” (56).

“I am alone,” Joshua said.
I punched him on the arm, hard. “Then you didn’t feel that.”
“Ouch. What’d you do that for?”
“Sorry, no one around to answer you. You’re soooooooo alone.” (67)

“Is it so hard for you to give up what you never had?”
“I had hope, Josh. You understand hope, don’t you?” (82)

Toward the end of Hillel’s morning lectures, Jakan, the camel-sucking husband-to-be of my beloved Maggie, asked Hillel if it would be a sin to eat an egg that had been laid on the Sabbath.
“What are you, stupid? The Lord doesn’t give a damn what a chicken does on the Sabbath, you nimrod! It’s a chicken. If a Jew lays an egg on the Sabbath, that’s probably a sin, come see me then. Otherwise don’t waste my friggin’ time with that nonsense. […]” (96)


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