The Dharma Bums, by Jack Kerouac

Believe that the world is
an ethereal flower, and ye live. I knew this! I also knew that I
was the worst bum in the world. The diamond light was in
my eyes.
      My cat meowed at the icebox, anxious to see what all the
good dear delight was. I fed him.

p. 137


3 thoughts on “The Dharma Bums, by Jack Kerouac

    • eyebrow

      You’ll have to tell me about karmatic adventures later, I think.

      As for these last few posts… maybe you’re trying to read too much into it? They’re are actually very simple in nature: I’m trying to keep a record of the books I read and movies I watch this year. When I finish reading/watching one, or come across a line or six that particularly strike me, I make a post. Here, rather than on, because this is faster and more convenient. And not private, mostly because… well, I guess because I think said lines are perhaps worth reading? Private posts for when I don’t think there’s anything worth quoting, and just want a note to myself.

      There are places where The Dharma Bums sounds eerily similar in narrative tone to the movie version of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. It’s like Kerouac was the original gonzo journalist, except, you know, without that pesky journalism. Just gonzo, I guess. Hah.

      *smile* I stopped trying to figure myself out. Else I’d be the most confusing person I don’t know.


      p.s. LA handed in?

      • Re: eyebrow

        la handed in. 🙂

        i’m not reading too much into it… i’m looking at it, raising my eyebrow, and hoping that when you read those lines, you at least understand them more with the context. :p

        in any case… karma’s kicking me because… well…

        you’re not the only one leaving apparently confusing posts.

        if only confusing pour moi, anyway.

        as for the knowledge of oneself – i believe that when you die, you suddenly understand… but before you can enlighten, you’re gone.


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