it may take five months, but i’ll do it…. /bow

Twenty random facts about me, as requested five months ago to the day…

  1. I have been to the following other countries: Israel, China, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji.
  2. I collect useless skills like shiny pebbles. Solving Rubik’s cubes, unicycling, juggling, sketching… working on handstands (and then handstand-pushups).
  3. I used to hide behind the couch whenever a violent or scary scene was on the TV, despite my brother’s attempts to explain that nobody was actually getting hurt. Even now, I empathise more than average with victims of fictional violence/pain. I still clutch my fingernails, more than a month after seeing Syriana (where a pair of pliers is used to… well, you get the idea.
  4. There are a few things/activities I can’t really “do,” to varying degrees. At one level, I wish I could, but in reality, I know I just don’t care enough to devote the time to actually learn. Singing, dancing, and swimming are probably the big three, in that order.
  5. When I was little, I went through Shark watches very, very quickly — I think I managed to break five in less than two years. My last Shark watch lasted for at least five or six years, though.
  6. Speaking of losing things when you’re little, my uncle (a jeweler) made my brother and me matching pure silver arrowhead necklaces when I was 7-ish, since our birthdays are only a week apart. I’d lost mine within three days by being a rambunctious seven-year-old at the JCC after-school program.
  7. I’m pretty casual about most of life, but I can get intense about the things I truly love. When I can spend six hours doing something, and it feels like six minutes, I know I’ve found something good.
  8. When left to my own devices (during the summer), I’ll often start living on a 26-hour day schedule, because I can usually find more things to amuse myself with at 2 AM than at 2 PM. During the end of the summer of 2004, though, I paid off my sleep debt and had a perfect 24-hour schedule, sleeping at 11, waking at 8. Pity that couldn’t last.
  9. I’ve always been a reader, but in mid high school I turned from a fairly consistent (heavy) reader into a binge reader. Now, I’ll often go for two or three months without reading a physical book, only online articles, and then read anywhere from three to six books in quick succession, then hibernate again.
  10. One of my greatest worries about college was that I’d be stuck with a roommate I wouldn’t get along with. Both my brother and sister have horror stories of varying intensity to tell about their roommates at some point in college. Technically speaking, they both had good luck their freshman year too, but I’m still grateful that I got started off with a roomie as cool and easygoing as Adam Cooke.
  11. I’m very anti-dogmatic, with one exception: blind contour drawing. To anyone looking to “become” a sketching artist, I’ll preach and evangelize that the most important step (for me, and, according to most teacher, others) seems to be doing a half dozen or so blind contour drawings of a complex object like a clawed hand.
  12. My ideal weight range at this point is 145-150 lbs; I’m very, very close. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do when I get there. Hopefully I’ll stay there, but if I get heavier so be it. Amusing to think that I tried gaining weight for four years when all I needed to do was lift a few heavy things and then put them down again…
  13. When I heard about the sixteen year old kid who ran away to Iran after taking an immersive journalism class, the first thing that ran through my mind was “Good for you.” My mother thought he was crazy, but I have respect for someone who has the guts to do something like that.
  14. Introducing people to new music that they end up liking is a sublime pleasure.
  15. I believe that if I wanted a practical, pragmatic, and workable framework/philosophy for a happy life in the long term, the sort of mental foundation that allows one to nurture a 30+ year marriage, I could simply ask my parents. And it’s vaguely depressing, because I know that I’d ignore their advice until I’d learned things for myself, the hard way. Why? Stubbornness, stupidity, misguided romanticism, masochism, I don’t know, and I don’t think to hard about it, honestly. See #13.
  16. My left hand gets consistently more wrinkly than my right when I go swimming. I don’t know why.
  17. Speaking of inconsequential physical quirks: In October, I jumped out of my bunk bed and bent my right thumb back landing on the floor. Now, starting from a flat palm, I can touch my left thumb to the base of my left pinky while keeping all four fingers straight, but it doesn’t work for my right hand. My fingers bend themselves, with the pointer becoming L-shaped by the time my thumb pulls itself across the palm.
  18. I had another one, but I forgot what it was… I seem to to that a lot these days.
  19. I started skiing at Snowbird in Utah when I was seven, and continued going almost every year for a week until I was 14 or 15. By that time, I was good enough that only moguls could stymie me, and since it would take another three or four years to pick up that particular skill, I started snowboarding. This year (finally!) I got to buy my own gear, instead of renting, and I’ll be riding with my brother in Oregon for 10 days over spring break, hopefully working on jumps and simple rail work.
  20. I’m not lazy, I’m efficient!

random aside: “sixteen year old man” is the most interesting googlesearch I’ve ever seen.

random artlinkdump:

All of these were done by one guy on the Artists Corner forum.
Absolutely stunning.
So jealous.



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