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  1. in fact, i do remember that conversation… i can’t recall who undid the strap, just the fact that i was slightly angered to find that as soon as i came outside with such an outfit on, someone tried to take it off.

    o well.

    and as to emma…

    sadly enough… had i been desperate enough, i too might have pursued an affair, to be honest.
    hard to be that honest, but o well.

    but what should emma have done?

    … should have started with the nullification of the same mitakes i’m making – which are:
    1. letting one’s imagination roam freely
    2. letting one’s imagination force actions.

    and for god’s sake, stop me from reading romance novels!!


    • It was your little sister.

      Anyways, right, but those are internal changes (which would have utterly destroyed the novel, of course…), not external actions. As she was, do you really think Emma could have been happy in *any* relationship? And would she have been happier as a *cough* independent woman?

      I still don’t know what brought the name “Madame Bovary” to mind then, considering I hadn’t read more than the cover, but I do remember being rather surprised at how apropos it seemed after looking at a character analysis. You are not her, of course; you have plenty of the aforementioned attributes… when you want to.

      And it could be worse — I could be inciting you to read *trashy* romance novels 😉

      An affair? I’d like to think I’d be strong enough to end the relationship before that point, but I’ve thought I’ve known myself on such matters and been wrong before. If nothing else, I like this page from Old Man’s War.

      • the person who asked me about whether or not i had a boyfriend has been analyzed as…

        slightly desperate.

        it seemed appropriate just to lay that “independent”, “boyfriend chew-er -upper” line out there just to scare him off a little bit…it turned out to be more humorous than i thought, but still.

        i know i am not emma bovary – but if i had to lay a singular weakness on the line, it would be my imagination…
        a less murderous macbeth, if you will.

        lacking the ambition, but with fully functional day dreaming captabilities…

        there comes a point in almost everyday where i stop myself and wonder what i’m doing, because it only makes things worse, but there you are…

        without the imagination, how would we know what’s better?

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