new years

This is actually the first time in… quite a while that I’ve bothered making a New Year’s resolution, so let’s start off light, shall we?

I tried sprinting 400 meters at Brandywine the other day — 65 seconds and it nearly killed me. Oy. Thus, my goal is to be able to do a two-minute 800 by June 15th, and a five-minute mile by the end of 2006. Oh, and while I’ve been happy with what working out at UD has done for me so far, mustn’t slack off and let muscle turn to fat.

Also: Make More Art.

So, a hard goal and a soft goal… seems reasonable.


One thought on “new years

  1. yous crazy.

    but i guess you already know.

    mmm yeah idn what my new years resolution is, my sister tells me to smile more. maybe ill work on that, its easier than going on a diet or whatever.

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