Accomplished – 11-09-2005

In an effort to keep myself motivated to Do Stuff, and Write More, and because I Can’t Sleep, I’m going to try to keep a log of what I accomplish at the end of each day (for days when I accomplish stuff, nar!)

  • Set up a one-click shortcut to log in and authenticate to
  • Updated /template/index.php, nav.php — larger fonts in graphical browsers, slightly better layout in lynx, no more link to obsolete /gallery.
  • Uploaded and fixed /template/autoindex.php
  • Updated Google-search form

  • Wrote and printed out a paper topic proposal for History of Architecture.
  • Started and finished CISC 220 Project 3 — need to check that minutes-long runtime is normal

Aw, crap, it’s 1 AM and I have six hours of sleep until breakfast.


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