Subversion Importation with the Tortoise

OK, so as far as I can tell, I’ve found the “best” way to take a directory or two lying around your computer and convert them to a checked-out repository using TortoiseSVN. (Link to first screenshot of 11; use Flickr’s “Next” link to see the rest).

It’s basically as The Subversion Book says about svn import. The main tricky bit is that you need to move all the directories you want to import into an otherwise-empty temporary directory, because — and this is a bit weird, I think — if you select a directory, only that directory’s files are imported (into the root of whatever repository you select), not the directory itself. From TortoiseSVN’s point of view, this makes sense, because the same menu is used for individual directories’ context menus and the current Explorer window’s context menu. For the latter, the given behavior — importing all the folders you can see, but putting them under the repository root, not all contained in the current folder, is the “correct” behavior. Eh.

So anyways, yeah.

At first, I was going to just take a bunch of screenshots, upload them to, and then stick ‘em in a bunch of <img> tags in this post.

Then, I realized — why clutter up eschew with that crap? I’ll let Flickr handle it!

Then I realized — why add explanatory metadata to eschew, when the photos are on Flickr and they support comments on photos?

I’m too lazy to make a full-fledged Set out of the eleven screenshots, so you’ll have to make do with Flickr’s navigation. Whatever.


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