Let’s play associ8

Here are a few of mine, Artists, Movies/Books, Songs:

Bright Eyes, Garden State – Mary McGowan
Anberlin, Dane Cook, Get It Faster (Jimmy Eat World) – Dani Meier
Neutral Milk Hotel, P.D.Q. Bach – Mike Zink
Fa Fa (Guster) – Alex Karel
Godel, Escher, Bach – Daniel Drucker
Hands of Light, Porcupine Tree – rue
Aaron Brady, On The Rocks – Mary Lowe
Inside Out (Eve 6) – Ben Riblett
Counting Crows – Matt Davis
Have You Forgotten (Red House Painters) – Suzanne Kirk
Firesign Theatre – Mr. Strobach

Owen Down (Gary Jules), Godskitchen At Eden (Armin Van Buuren) – Climbing Mount Washington in the Summer of 2004

Take Five – Woody Bass
Hear You Me – Nigel McFarlane


4 thoughts on “Let’s play associ8

  1. livejournal, bowling, speakers blaring, linkin park vs. jay- z… and bananas… ben karel.

    because god knows, if its technical, a little goofy, and brings a smile to face, it’s ben karel’s doing.

    … most of the time, haha.

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