It’s been a while

So, my goodness, where to begin?

I’m pretty much now settled in at the University of Delaware. My roommate and I are getting along great, which, according to my parents, is something I should count myself lucky for. Mid-semester grades are looking positive; the only real class I need to get more serious about is History of Architecture.

I bought and have been learning to ride a unicycle. It took maybe ten hours to be able to freeride, and fifteen or so to freemount. It’s somewhat more strenuous than I expected; an hour of unicycling gets me just as tired as an hour of lifting weights.

Oh, that’s another thing I’ve started: working out. I started out at the end of August at 135 lbs, benching ~75; I’m now 141 lbs benching ~105. My goal by the end of the semester is to get to where my brother was at the beginning, benching about 120 – 135 lbs, I think. I hear he’s now doing 185 or so, the muscular ********! Cursed moving targets. Eating well, getting muscles (gasp!). Before & After shots will be interesting methinks.

And taekwon do. Scheduling conflicts means I don’t get to go as often as I’d like, but I do enjoy it. It reminds me of doing kenpo, back in 8th grade.

On the technological side of things: I’ve gotten Subversion set up on my box. It’d be pretty cool if Dreamhost would get (as an option) a MozDev-like setup where htdocs are put under svn. ‘twouldn’t be for everyone, to be sure, but it’d be darned nifty.

Adblock is getting closer and closer. Minor bugs and feature testing and a little UI freezing. I want it out!

I finally got Mozilla Firefox to compile, after first trying SeaMonkey on OS X nearly three years ago.

I must be missing some other stuff, but oh well, it’s midnight and I’m going to bed.

Let’s hope this “posting” thing can become a bit more regular in the future, yeah?

Oh, I also flushed the screenshot queue to flickr, ex

* write broad docs for evotee, svn hacks. Maybe relations too?
* Update resume (?)
* Investigate a patch to mod_dav or mod_dav_svn regarding the <LocationMatch> bug.
* Finish or at least release managr, URL Mechanic, php5book… what else?


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