Crazy past few days. Parties and hangouts and bowling, oh my! Absolutely every single person I’ve spent time with in the last week has been amazing and fun and better than I could ask for. You rock! Yes! You!


After sleeping for fourteen hours a day during the first few weeks of summer, it’s rather strange to have my sleep debt paid off and get up almost exactly eight hours after going to bed, without an alarm clock or anything.

Got a haircut, though it doesn’t look that different, really. And I’m terrible at self-portraitography:



Oh, and this one’s for Bonnie and Joey.

College is less than a week away. Freaky.


6 thoughts on “hoo

  1. ahahaha

    1) i like the haircut… a lot.
    1b) you should smile more in your pictures
    2) the half-colored contacts are, well, different. don’t be surprised if i give you weird looks, i’m just adjusting to the decreasing level of shit in your head 🙂

    • Re: ahahaha

      The halftone effect is actually much more subtle than I thought it would be, which is cool.

      And you’re right, I should smile more. Allow me to practice:


  2. the pictures don’t really do it justice, but the hair looks good 🙂

    and i love the photoshopped in contacts!!!! and yeah, i’d definitley sell your split contacts in my shop of circular doors, multi-colored ties, eraser jumpers, and precut index cards!

    and i second Bonnie’s–SMILE!!! talk to you when i get my new computer up

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