Katie Vollmer

So, wait… let me get this straight.

* When I was but a wee little lad, I befriended a girl named Katie Vollmer. I must have been about six… no, it was before that, because I remember playing with this girl under a big evergreen tree well before pre-kindergarten, which means four or five. Anyways:
* We fall out of touch, as childhood friends are wont to do.
* Twelve years pass.
* Through the magic of thefacebook, Katie discovers that we’re both going to UD, and living in the same housing complex.
* And she’ll be roommates with a girl who ran track and sat across from me in 10th grade English and at innumerable lunches.

Ok, this is a bit… heavy on the coincidence, but, you know, these things happen, especially in a state as small as Delaware. Now for the mind-bending bit:

* It turns out that what seems like a MAJORITY of my closest friends have known this girl all along, and I never knew.
* Like, seriously, it turns out that we have a hell of a lot of friends in common. (Update: +2)
* And she’s the only person with more comments than me on Dani Meier’s livejournal (besides Dani herself, of course). I’ve been seeing this person’s comments for nine months and never connected the dots!

Excuse me, I think I just blew my mind…


11 thoughts on “Katie Vollmer

  1. sometimes ben, i think you’re too smart for your own good… so when something is staring you in the face directly… you brain sends you ’round the barn to figure it out quite complicatedly.

    luckily, i’ve never had the problem, hahahah


    i wasn’t very good friends with her until… hm. freshman year? all district band does wonders.

    glad to know you’ve played with her under the evergreen trees though. makes my day.

  2. “When I was but a wee little lad…”


    somehow i missed that the first the first time i read through here. lol, still makes me laugh pretty hard. *grin* i’m gonna hafta remember that 🙂

    • *smile*

      I’m just glad that I didn’t leave it as “wee little lass”, which is what I wrote down initially, before remembering what “lass” means.

      On the other hand, maybe that would have elevated the response to liquid-forcibly-ejected-through-nasal-cavities level 🙂

      Actually, it’s even funnier when you consider that (at < 3) I used to be occasionally mistaken for a girl, because I had curly blonde hair.

      Yes, there is photographic evidence, and no, I’m not going to go find it for you 😛

      • hehehe

        you ARE a “wee little lass” indeed 🙂 i mean, it did come out naturally (or initially, as you put it)

        and yes, the response level would’ve shot WAY up. *pause* if you have a funny sense of humor in here, why can’t it find it’s way to my journal’s comments??

        ouch, the girl-mistaken-identity is harsh. (if it makes you feel better, i’m sure a few people along the way thought i was a boy, b/c i had short, sort of boyish-cut hair… if that doesn’t make you sypathize with me, then you should know that people used to think my name was “barney” as in the big purple-with-green-spots dinosaur. they thought i just couldn’t pronounce my R’s when i said my name was bONnie)

        hahaha. if they aren’t hidden in the 3080 pictures i already looked at, chances are i probably won’t ever see any 😦

  3. flattered.

    i think i am just about blown away that an entire livejournal entry was made on my behalf. SO GOOD to catch up with you after all these years… and whomever “velva” may be… try me, my memory amazes even myself sometimes 🙂

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