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So, Thursday night, Joey IMs me out of the blue and invites me to his customary bowling session, since Jun-Lung is off in China for the next three-ish weeks. Andrew Lala appeared, later than me, which was impressive, considering I ended up driving up and down Governor Printz in a vain attempt to find the quickest path from Lea Blvd to Paladin Drive; they’re right next to each other on the map, but you can’t make the left-U turn against oncoming Gov. traffic… which complicates matters somewhat. Anyways, we ended up bowling seven games total: four with Lala and Joey and me, and three just with Joey, after Lala left “early” (~10:45).

My thumb is still a bit sore when I pull it back towards my forearm, but overall I actually don’t hurt as much as I thought I would. Joey had it worse, partly because he used 14-lb balls the entire night, while I mostly used 10- and 11-lb balls. Joey’s joints were beginning to swell, and in the last game he managed to get his thumb partly stuck in the hole, so the ball ended up arcing and peaking perhaps ten feet in front of his face, at head height… and then crashed down to the lane wood. I’m amazed that the lanes aren’t all dented, considering how many people throw their ball more up than over when bowling… must be very hard wood.

We must have gotten at least a dozen Red Pin Specials between us, and only Lala got a strike when it was his turn. I managed to gutter-ball TWICE on a special, and even Joey did it once. I broke 100 for the first time ever, which was pretty cool, but I also managed to get less than half of the high score twice (once when Lala got a 156 and I got 75; the other I got a 47 and Joe got something in the high nineties or low hundreds, I forget exactly what).

At two dollars a game, plus the cover and shoes, Joey and I each spent twenty bucks, which is a pretty reasonable deal for two and a half hours of awesome fun.

So, then, last night, I went to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company perform The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged). (Mike Zink, you *do* make a pretty good woman ;)) It’s really quite funny; they’ve got another showing tonight, but it’ll be a different cast. The only downside: I now have nine more bug-bites than I did before the show. Which rather sucks. Oh well. That’s the price one pays for Art, I suppose. You know, that, beyond the seven-dollars-at-the-door admission rate.

Like, a half hour before I left, my mom comes down and casually mentions “Oh, yeah, you do know that your father and I are going to be gone this weekend, right?” and I’m like “Uhh, no… what?”. Turns out they’re going to Tanglewood again (they went last year), but they’d neglected to mention it to me in the last few weeks. Oh well. So I’ve got the house to myself again this weekend… which actually sounds better than it is. I mean, in practical terms, they’re almost never in the same room as me even when they ARE home (barring dinner), and often not in the house at all — weekends, especially lately, have been devoted to visiting my grandmother in Bethesda, or shopping, or gardening, or going to synagogue…


Just got off the phone with my brother — he’ll be back home this Friday. Awesome! Maybe I’ll drag him to a bowling session while he’s here. 🙂


3 thoughts on “journal.update( new Post() );

  1. And another red pin loser on 19… no surprise there

    haha, i really wish bowling was that frequent an occasion… its really more like once a month that i get over there 🙂

    But definitly, that night was a whole lotta fun… and i’m still just a little sore but it was worth the $ and pain…even if we really really sucked and even the new cash register guy made fun of us!

    and the lefty game?! oh man…

    Planning ahead, one last pre-college marathon bowling session on the 18th???

    • We’re looking for strikes, not gutterballs

      Bowling on the 18th? I’m game! Maybe I can even drag my brother along…

      Is the 18th before or after Jun-Lung gets back?

      Haha… and because I’m just full of questions today: gonna maximize or minimize the number of people attending?

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