French technological terminology

I guess it says more about the persistent Anglo-centric nature of technical jargon than my French skills, but I can translate (almost) the entire post perfectly, even after letting my French atrophy disgracefully since the end of 10th grade.

But here’s the best part: Ok, you know those little pointer nubs in the keyboards of lots of laptop computers?

Here’s the French word for it:


How is it that a single compound word can so efficiently conjure up Star Wars, technology, French aloofness, and clinical sexuality?

Hmm. Bonnie’s right, I forgot to put pics in my last post… so, here:

Oregon Pictures

These are my three favorites:

and, featuring all the new clothing I bought in Oregon:


2 thoughts on “French technological terminology

  1. hahaha where to start. i’m so glad you FINALLY posted pictures!! yay!

    i dont get the point of the link to the french website. not only do i not know french, but it would be nice to know the purpose of it (ok you briefly mentioned the topic.. but still). really, i just think you put it on here to say “hey look! i’m so smart, i can translate french websites into english! and i dont even take french anymore!” ๐Ÿ˜›

    and the french word “machin-clitoridien” what is that word in english?!

    going through your pictures.. in the 2nd one, that is one rather mangled chair! and the postcard: aww, how sweet! i love you too benny! (lol sike, dont let that get to your head) the flowers are gorgeous, and why did you take a picture of a TRASHCAN?!?!

    all in all, i cant complain too much because after all, you did post pictuers like i requested ๐Ÿ™‚

    i must say one last thing… about that last picture. hahahahaha lol i dont know if i can actually transfer my thoughts into words. it’s.. interesting. you look.. very artistic and somewhat european, with a slight creepy/stalkerish/child molester look in your eyes.
    BUT perhaps the weirdest thing about this picture… you look EXACTLY like this guy i know, phil. ok, here’s the short story: i’m friends with lauren stranahan from concord (she’ll be a sophomore at Washington College in MD this year). her boyfriend is phil. and, its soo weird that you look exactly like him. like you wouldn’t understand b/c you dont know the guy.. but i know this guy and what his personality is like… and the fact that you two look so similar is, well, just plain freaky.

    you can KINDA get the jist of it from this picture…

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