Things that were There that are no longer Here

A list of things from my childhood that are no longer in my life, and that I (sometimes) miss:

  • The songs my mother would sing to put me to bed
  • Oatmeal that came with little packets of red gel to make patterns on the top
  • My grandfather
  • Little League and soccer
  • Saturday morning cartoons
  • The Pretender
  • Ray Stevens videos, Muzzy, Reading Rainbow
  • Bunk beds
  • Having a Real Arcade to go to
  • Three different cars, especially the green one
  • Goldeneye: 007 for N64 and Diablo II
  • Yearly trips to Snowbird
  • The JCC, especially summer camp, the climbing wall, and the swimming pools
  • Thinking of my childhood as the present, rather than the past

What about you?

4 thoughts on “Things that were There that are no longer Here

  1. + my dad knowing the answers to everything
    + eating massive amounts of chocolate, etc and it not going straight to my butt
    + having energy, not feeling lethargic 23/7

    • *smile*

      * My parents still surprise me sometimes with the breadth of their knowledge.
      * I absolutely dread the day my metabolism slows down.

      * Dare I ask what you’re doing the other hour of the day?

      I was actually surprised at how much running helped with my lethargia in 10th grade. At first it’ll leave you tired — not the too-wakeful-to-sleep-and-too-sleepy-to-do-anything-but-lie-in-bed tired, but rather physically-exhausted-and-ready-to-crash-after-dinner. As you do it more, though, you’ll find that your energy levels go way up. Unfortunately, maintaining the self-control to go running at least five times a week is nearly impossible for me when it’s this hot out. Find a running buddy if you can… at least, I’ve heard that helps.

      Biking’s good too, and not as hard on your legs and especially feet and knees. When my dad is gearing up for a race, he’ll start eating five meals a day and still lose weight because he’s burning so many calories.

  2. – trying to fly by jumping off the jungle gym
    – being able to pretend in the swimming pool without getting odd looks
    – thinking adults are always reliable
    – being able to read a book and day dream without a goddamn realist knowing its still wilmington, de…
    – wierd al yanchovic being acceptable in the house
    – air guitaring at dances
    – saying “just five more minutes” each morning, and receiving them
    – the excitement of sunday after church breakfasts
    – having a babysitter
    – being able to sleep on a car ride home

    … i could go on, but i’m starting to get depressed. 🙂

    oh, these days
    i wish i was six again
    oh, make me a red cape
    i want to be superman
    – john mayer

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