A Random Update

The party on Friday went pretty well overall. People seemed to have a good time and enjoyed the food. We need to have one bigger table out on the porch for that many people, instead of three smallish ones. Oh well. Perhaps we’ll have to do another one for the people who couldn’t make it to this one…

On Saturday morning, we found

outside on our front lawn. If anyone recognizes this, please let me know and we’ll arrange to have it returned.

Said reuniting, however, will need to wait until after next Wednesday, since I’ll be flying to Oregon tomorrow morning (June 29th) and will return July 6th. I’ll be meeting with family, spending some time with my brother, ogling my Uncle Rick’s car collection, enjoying the fireworks on the 4th, and so on.

We went to Longwood Gardens on the 19th of June. I took a few pictures. Nothing really spectacular, but there are a few that aren’t horrible.

And now is the packing time. Catch y’alls later.

R.I.P. N.R.M.


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