Ok, y’all, we be throwin’ down a little shindig at the Karel house dis Friday.

If y’all be interested, consider yahselves invited.

Yeah, I know this is rather short notice; my apologies. The party’ll “start” around five, which means I expect most people to straggle in by six-ish, and dinner will probably be served between six-thirty and seven. Then a movie (DVD), trespassing on the golf course to watch fireworks, some hangin’ out, and maybe sundaes at the end?

*cough* But, uh, do leave a comment here if you’re coming. Dinner will be grilled steaks and/or possibly chicken. People who come without warning will be fed, just… not steak 🙂

Kristen/Bonnie: If you wanna pass this around to the Senior Week crowd, that’d be awesome!


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