1. Alex Karel
  2. Bonnie Antes
  3. Jun-Lung Moy
  4. Kristen Smith
  5. Daniel Drucker
  6. Braum Katz
  7. Laura Graham
  8. Alyssa Adkins
  9. Kim Aker
  10. Dani Meier
  11. Mary Lowe
  12. Joey Kersch
  13. Renny Kane
  14. Suzanne Kirk
  15. Mike Zink
  16. Mary McGowan
  17. Vlad Khavin
  18. Sarah Sherk
  19. Zack Asher
  20. Danielle Lipman
Who is #8 going out with?
Er, nobody AFAIK?
Is #9 a boy or a girl?
Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple?
*snort* Mary and Bonnie? Well, I think it’d be…cute… to see two blondes together, and I have been counseling #2 to expand her horizons, and she did familiarize herself with #11’s butt one night during senior week, so… yes.
How about #18 and #4?
Sarah and Kristen… no, something about that just doesn’t ring quite right.
What grade is #17 in?
The grade known as Life, where the tests are always hard and recess only comes in two-week blocks.
When was the last time you talked to #12?
Earlier today on AIM; five days ago in person.
What is #6’s favorite band?
The Beatles
Does #1 have any siblings?

(two — me four years younger, my sister four years older)

Would you ever date #3?
Ah, Jun-Lung’s a great guy, but I’m not lookin’ for a sugar daddy…
Would you ever date #7?
Welll, dating might prove hard what with being a thousand miles away come fall, but she did take me to prom… so, sure.
Is #16 single?
M&M… I don’t know. Her myspace profile says no, but… *shrug*
What’s #15’s last name?
What’s #10’s middle name?
Ooh… Elizabeth?
What’s #5’s favorite thing to do?
*cough* As far as I can tell, unspeakable acts with his girlfriend. Girlfriends. Whatever.
Is #13 hot?
Renny? Hells yes! What, he looks pretty sharp in that uniform…
Would #14 and #19 make a good couple?
Zack and Suzy… they’d look good together, but I don’t think they’d get along.
How old is #18?
What school does #20 go to?
Umm, I don’t remember, so I’ll play the safe card and default to UDel.
Tell me a random fact about #11?
Mary Lowe… owns a CD by Aaron Brady. She is also singlehandedly responsible for averting the spontaneous collapse of the universe (by asking Jake Fratella to prom).
And #1:
He took TRAMPOLINE CLASSES in COLLEGE. His girlfriend is responsible for spreading On The Rocks to the East Coast.
And #3:
Jun-Lung and I used to play entirely too much Diablo II, and we still play a bit of Counter-Strike.
Have you ever had a crush on #15?
Mike? Haha, no… but Lauren Isaac’s psychic cards did predict that we would have the best sex, if I married him.
Where does #9 live?
Beats me…
What’s #4’s favorite color?
I dunno… let’s guess “purple”, since it’s the font color on her LJ.

SO wrong! It’s yellow! Sorry Kristen! /me goes in for Shaolin penitence

Does #7 like #20?
*grin* not THAT way I don’t think
Does #8 like #19?
Well, they did go to prom together, but just as friends… but, still, that qualifies for a “yes”.
How did you meet #2?
My first memory of her is lunch in 11th grade.
How did you meet #18?
Hum, middle school classes together I think.
Does #10 have any pets?
A dog, I think… maybe named Missy? I’ve never met it
Is #12 older than you?
Yup, his birthday is in the fall, and mine’s the (following) spring.
When is #13’s birthday?
No clue!
Is #17 the sexiest person alive?
Well, no, not the sexiest person alive… but he DID manage to land my sister, so he deserves SOME credit.
Does #2 have any cute siblings?
Not that I’ve seen. If so, she must’ve locked them in the basement before I came over…
What about #9?
I’ve never met him, but I’ve heard Keith ain’t too shabby.

5 thoughts on “

  1. hahaha

    ben karel that is possibly the most amusing thing i’ve ever read by you!

    oh, and…
    What’s #4’s favorite color?
    YELLOW. then i believe it’s green.

    for the love of god (er, i guess in your case.. angel food cake!), what does AFAIK stand for?!
    and i DO have cute siblings. they were locked in the closet, not the basement πŸ˜‰

  2. close…that’s maria’s favorite color πŸ™‚ mine is yellow!! so many awesome things are yellow…and doesn’t yellow just make you want to smile? that’s why it’s my favorite color. it’s so happy all the time. πŸ˜€

    • *smile* In art class, you also learn that yellow is the most magnetic of all the colors — presented with a scene of blobs of color, people’s eyes will tend to flick to the yellow splotch first.

      The more you know…

      (you’re right — I AM smiling…)

      • wow, i didn’t know that! about it being the most magnetic of the colors, that’s awesome. and someday when i own a house, my living room will be painted yellow…but not obnoxious yellow. more like…buttercup yellow. or lemon pound cake yellow. something along those lines πŸ˜‰

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