Mmkay, so, yeah, my 18th birthday was yesterday. The full reality of no longer being a minor in the eyes of the law hasn’t fully sunk in yet, but I imagine I’ll grok it in a week or two.

My apologies to everyone for not mentioning it until the day of… I didn’t realize it was such a big deal 🙂 I’ve had a minor cold for the past few days, and so have an excuse for not being too keen on a party… but the will of the people has been made clear, so… anyone interested in a party? Senior week is obviously not going to work, but the days between June 12th and June 16th, inclusive, seem open and free of other prior engagements. I haven’t come up with any “structured” ideas for a party — I’m thinking just a dozen or so friends hanging out on the porch and the basement, and for dinner maybe a steak-barbecue or seared tuna or something nice like that. No presents! 😉 (for Bonnie, we might be able to hook up a little DDR… *grin*)

And three cheers and a big thank you to Bonnie Antes, who brought me pound cake and candles and balloons last night. Especially onsidering that I opened the door without a shirt on when she came to drop off the CD with her pictures on it earlier that day (I’d been napping). =)

Oh, and speaking of senior week… what exactly is everyone doing for that? I don’t think I could stand a week at the beach, but spending a day or two at Rehoboth or wherever would be pretty awesome. (nudge nudge wink wink)

The one (very unexpected) present from my parents: a 100% silk blazer I’d been drooling over at Men’s Wearhouse when getting my prom tux. It’s essentially the first gift I’ve gotten from them in four years, because I’ve never really been able to think of anything worth getting until now. Clothes I would outgrow, and all the cool electronic toys are prohibitively expensive, but… this ROCKS. It fits me so well. And I happen to know that it was 50% off, which makes me almost as happy as getting the jacket itself. I’m such a bargain whore… Um, the perspective makes me look seven feet tall… just ignore that 😉


6 thoughts on “

  1. [grin]

    bargain whore? that’s a new one.

    happy birthday ben! sorry that i … technically … missed it – but if its any consolation, the blazer looks fabulous.

    … and the clenched right hand does seem to give you a giant – ish, severly powerful look. – if you don’t mind the glasses, that is. those make you look wise, mystical, and … OLD.

    [sigh] boy, can you tell i’m frazzled? ‘cuz i can.

    anyway – have fun, go vote, be legal, and embrace your adulthood. just remember… i’ll never let you lose your heart of a highly… amusing… child.


    • Re: [grin]: *smile*

      Haha, yeah, I’m never really sure what to do with my hands in these sorts of photographs. If you look closely, you can also see that I had balled-fists for my prom pictures (oops!).

      Whatever happens to my heart, at the very least I know I still have some ways to go before I lose my child-mind… =D

      • Re: [grin]: *smile* (sweetly)

        things i’d like to do before i die:

        1. lose to ben karel at chess …. check
        2. stalemate ben karel at chess … check
        3. beat ben karel at chess … un – check
        4. make ben karel smile so widely that his face becomes permeanantly frozen … un – check
        5. kidnap ben karel and watch “dressed to kill” – as have not seen yet. … uncheck

        plan accordingly, o senior.

        [smiles sweetly]

  2. ps

    i must say, ben karel, you rock my socks. this cd is the best acapella group i think ive heard, ever.

    and yeah i’ll get you a present in germany.


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