Alcohol, O Alcohol

Let it not be said that the Karels don’t know the most important ingredient in any party



More Alcohol

Still More Alcohol

Gallons of Alcohol

And something for the next morning…


Update One

Oh, cake too.

Cake Or Death…


6 thoughts on “Alcohol, O Alcohol

    • *grin* share the love, baby
      not my fault your friends page is the size of a postage stamp!

      (lj-cutted it anyways)

      the best thing is this– both of my parents will be gone for four days, a week or so before prom… so this could get interesting 🙂

      • What? What?

        …Heard anything about what?

        Dani: what makes you think I’d be getting drunk? Much more fun to let other people get drunk.

        The party actually had the opposite effect from the one my parents wanted: people brought more alcohol than they consumed, thereby increasing rather than decreasing the size of our stash.

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