Introducing Mozilla’s Ann Coulter…

Gervase Markham!

“I think it’s sad that you equate this poor child with a bacteria. But I guess that’s an inevitable consequence of an atheistic worldview. After all, we were all bacteria once, right?”

Uh, speak for yourself there, gerv. I’ve been homo sapiens my entire life. If you started out twenty-odd years ago as Yersinia pestis, well…

“I’d argue that atheists who don’t approve of abortion are being inconsistent.”

“Actually, mass-murder and persecution can be logically direct consequences of an atheistic worldview.”

“If two people make a decision to do something which could result in a child, they should be prepared to accept the possible consequences.”

(This one isn’t as flamboyantly antagonistic as the others, but it exhibits a peculiar unwillingness to accept the world as it is, rather than as it ought to be. When held by people with power over e.g. sexual education, such delusions of ideality can have profound negative impacts on the standard of life for actual human beings.

Raising a child can be hideously expensive — in suburban America, it can be difficult to spend less than one million dollars to support the first eighteen years of a child’s life. Personally, I see telling a single mother making $18,000 a year, living under the poverty line, that she has no choice but to keep and raise two children she wasn’t planning on having as being a greater moral outrage than aborting the fetuses.)


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