That Winer Again..

Scripting News: 4/24/2005

First of all, am I the only one who thinks it’s shameful that gay rights in this country is treated as a political issue, rather than one of, say, basic human rights? Pure idealism, of course, says “why is gay rights even an issue at all,” but, well, there’s idealism and then there’s idealism. Anyways:

But people should be able to use Microsoft products without having to support political causes they don’t.

No, no, no, no! The deal is very simple: You give them money and you can legally install and use their software.

Once you’ve given Microsoft your money, it is entirely up to them what to do with it.

If your ideology is so rigid that it overrules the natural economic balance for certain company’s products… well, that’s your problem. Until, that is, other like-minded ideologues gain majority status — then it’s the company’s problem.

Now, for an interesting exercise to be left to the reader: replace “Microsoft” with “the government” and re-read Dave’s quote.

They are about to close the doors on the airplane so I won’t be able to edit this before I get home. Oh well, here goes! Saving…

Is being first really more important than being vaguely correct?


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