iPod decision

Apple – iPod – Technical Specifications

OK, so I’m selling my 15 GB 3rd-gen iPod for $200 and am buying a new 4th-gen. With the student discount, the 30 GB is $320, and the 60 GB is $420. My library is 42 GB and will probably continue to grow.

The 60 gig model is also .12 inches thicker and 1.5 ounces heavier, to accomodate the extra platter in the hard drive.

So: is it worth $100 to have a bigger, heavier iPod that can store my entire library?

I’m leaning towards “yes”, considering that I’ve already lost many songs to a hard drive failure.

But wait: if it were to get stolen, better to have it be a cheaper model. Also, with that hundred dollars, I could get a 512 MB iPod shuffle and the 30 gig. hmm. Or, even better — the 30 gig ipod and nice headphones to go with it.

Eh. I’ve made do with an N-gig hard drive so far, so I imagine a 2N-gigger wouldn’t cause too many problems.

Now leaning towards 30gig.


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