Unfit-For-Human Consumption

Day 0: I notice the back of my throat feels scratchy on Sunday afternoon. Realize I’m probably coming down with something, but there’s still not much I can do about it.

Day 1: Go to school. Cannot cough, as pain is quite intense… resort to sputtering. Think may be turning into dragon; certainly feels like fire in my throat. Sleep most of the day, both during and after school. Mother comments that I must be truly sick if I’m not to be found in front of my computer…

Day 2: Wake up, take shower, wait 15 minutes, take temperature. Readout — 102.3 F

Bleh. I am a sick puppy. Dammit, Bennet, why’d you have to come to school with this God-forsaken illness and cough on me? I probably won’t be back in school until Thursday, just in time for my calculus quiz. Joy.

In more positive news, the letter UD sent me saying my application was incomplete was, in fact, a false alarm.

Discovery of a new Gecko feature means Adblock will have Check Parent Links on by default — w00!

Watched Lost In Translation. It’s good, but more than a wee bit… strange. Beautiful scenery, though, both of Tokyo and Scarlett Johansson. Why can’t more movies start that way? *smile*


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