Well, OK. I’ve polished off The Princess Bride, Dreams with Sharp Teeth, Man on the Moon, and Siddhartha.

This leaves Droll Science, Lost In Translation, Turbulent Mirror, War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning, and No Way: The Nature Of The Impossible. Oh, and a thousand or so RealLifeComics. And, um, calculus homework(!!!). And more gigs of music than I’d care to think about at the moment. (I’ve discovered Porcupine Tree in a major way, but even without stuff I’ve added in the last week or so, there’s still fifteen GIGs of my brother’s music that I haven’t listened to more than once or twice, if at all.


For production, I need to work on Adblock, Che§, and faxing out the supplement to my UD application — I mailed it out three weeks ago, but apparently they haven’t yet recieved it :(

I dunno if the world is an illusion, but my free time certainly seems a likely candidate…


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