A short update

I haven’t yet bought the TouchStream LP. I’m still planning on it, but my resolve is not quite as strong now as it was yesterday.

I think I’d like to buy a wireless router + wireless USB adapter and maybe move the computer upstairs, where it’s sunnier. The basement is convenient, but the lack of sunlight can have a pretty strong depressive effect upon me.

Googling “Ben Karel” puts eschew.org at spot #2. Spot #1 is an iPodder.org contact page for an account I posted with *once* there. Strange. Five of the remaining eight hits are me commenting on other blogs, and the remaining three of the top 10 hits are unrelated to me. eschew.org’s pagerank is 4/10; /blog/ is 3/10, probably due to more outgoing links. googlejuice… Not too bad, I suppose, especially considering that as of three months ago, Google didn’t even know I existed.

Internet Explorer renders my about page really strangely — it doesn’t render the main content except for a tiny window that gets rendered. Any repainting (window resize, damage, text-selection) causes text to show up properly. Screw it, it’s completely valid XHTML+CSS.

Dvorak was an interesting experiment, but shortcuts (like Ctrl-W, Ctrl-C, etc) make QWERTY the One True Layout. The TouchStream’s gestures *might* make Dvorak more viable, but for now… nah. It was still fun, and it seems to have made me a slightly better QWERTYist, though I still rely on the backspace key more than I should, and I tend to type with my wrists too low wrt my palms.

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