Mi Thril

I’ve started jogging again. Trying to make sure I get out at least four times a week. The really weird thing is this: it’s taken me virtually no time at all to get back to jogging two and a half miles. Back in 10th grade, it took me months of daily training before I could do two miles without cramping up to the point of collapsation.

Since sophomore track, I’ve been wholly sedentary, with the exception of a dash of Ultimate Frisbee. Thus, I was not-so-mildly (but still pleasantly!) surprised to find that I can suddenly jog around the golf course (2.5 miles) without cramping or indeed without getting short of breath. My heart, sadly, isn’t so well off — it was going ~140 bpm.

For perspective, this was my fourth jogging expedition.

Why am I not cramping up? I’d be worried if I weren’t so busy enjoying it…

[edit]Upon further reflection, I’m convinced that my newly-found superpowers are the result of DDR.[/edit]


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