A Productive Weekend

Well, I had a productive weekend. It helped, of course, that we had school off on Monday due to Saturday’s eight-inch dump. Wow, that sounded dirty.

Anyways… yeah. I started Che§ on Friday, and finished it this afternoon. Good way to learn SQLite, which is remarkably easy due to the fact that it doesn’t have users — instead, if you’ve got the filesystem permissions, SQLite figure’s you’re good to go. I like it — for now, Che§ has only users, because they’re necessary (no, IP addresses just don’t cut it), but no passwords, because, well, they’re not. Internet Explorer, not grokking the meaning of [id="P"], isn’t allowed in the clubhouse.

Did some jogging and DDR. Ate some tasty food. Fixed, or rather worked around, a nasty Gecko rendering bug exposed by Adblock.

Speaking of DDR, here’s a short movie (40 second, 4 MB AVI) of me doing the start of Matsuri Japan on Maniac — a 9-foot song. To watch, twist your head until |:-) looks right-side-up… :)


I’ve recently finished Tom Wolfe’s Hooking Up. It’s pretty good, though not nearly as titillating as the title might lead you to believe. The latter part of the book is a rather public take-down of The New Yorker and some of its more illustrious writers. The day after I finished it, I was reading the New York Times when I noticed a sidebar in an article about Chris Rock hosting the {$awardshow}s. The sidebar had a list of some other celebrities who displayed dubious judgement as MC. At the bottom of David Letterman’s 1995 entry, there’s this serend* sentence, after a comment on how his act mirrored a long-ago article in said rag: “It’s not clear whether Mr. Letterman’s sin was irreverence or reading The New Yorker.” Amusing.

I also re-read How We Die — rather less amusing. Mianzi is a useful word to know: it’s Chinese, and means “face” (dignity). When it’s not so late, I’ll look through the book and see if I can extract some of the more interesting/amusing lines.

Currently reading Dreams With Sharp Teeth, a three-book compendium lent to me by Mr. Strobach several months ago. After that, I’ve got War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning and The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn. Then… nothing! I’ll either check out something from the library or buy more dead trees, used, from Amazon. Love, Poverty, and War sounds interesting.

New DVD acquisitions: Man On The Moon, Forrest Gump, Office Space, and (Karin’s) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.


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