Firefox Hacks — Online Catalog: Firefox Hacks


The wrapper’s (finally) come off. The book probably won’t be on bookshelves until early April, but it’s nice to see that word is getting out.

You see, I actually have a somewhat more personal connection with the book: not only have I been involved with Firefox, I was also involved with the book!

Long story short: After converting Rapid Application Development with Mozilla from RTF+PDF to XHTML with CSS and putting it online, I contacted the book’s author to alert him to his book’s latest adventures in cyberspace, and the six pages of mostly-typographical-errors I’d found along the way. Being the über-enlightened guy he is, Nigel thought this effort (and the fact that I was familiar with the content of the book in addition to the form) was nifty. So nifty, in fact, that he offered to let me contribute a few “hacks” towards the book he was currently working on: Firefox Hacks!

My two are “ugly chrome hacks,” but they’re both rather fun, or at least useful.

‘Tis incumbent upon you to buy this book!


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