sphere eversion

(Pharyngula) Harvard’s President inserts lower anatomy into upper anatomy….

Hey, if he continues the trend, perhaps we’ll get to see if the mathematical principles and theories of sphere eversion (380KB mpeg) extends to Harvard administrators…

Jebus. Makes me almost glad Harvard doesn’t have a CS program worth attending. Blah.


In other news, I finished reading Spam Kings this afternoon (after buying it several weeks ago and starting it last night). It’s quite good — for any nerdy nerds out there who remember reading Cliff Stoll’s The Cuckoo’s Egg, this has a similar style/feel to it. It uses first-hand accounts of people on both sides of the spam war to weave a single cloth, and, for the most part, succeeds.

It’s interesting to compare the dates for events in the book with what was going on in my life at the time — most of the action takes place after 2001, which is fortunate, because my memory gets spotty awfully quickly before that general time period…


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