Sensationalism, round 1

Year in Review: Cell phones explode | CNET

Title: It was a year of living dangerously with your cell phone.

Second sentence: About a dozen people were seriously hurt by overheating cell phone batteries that exploded or launched shrapnel that burned at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. (emphasis added)

What the hell kind of sensationalist bullshit is that? A dozen people out of the dozens (hundreds?) of millions of cell phone users out there (presumably USA-only) get injured, and they say “Oh, these things are DANGEROUS! WoooOOoooOOOooo!” Fuckers.

To put that “12 injuries” in perspective, the CDC says that there were ~32,000 firearm-related deaths and nearly 700,000 deaths from heart disease in America in 2002.

Why didn’t they say “Having a heart will kill you”?


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