Linux minus RAM_sub_ass

One of my favorite parts of the Daily Show is how Stewart will sometimes open with an inside joke that’s obviously directed at the live audience and refers to some event that happened before the cameras started rolling. In the Daily Show that aired November 11 2004, Jon Stewart opens with the following comment:

“If you’re ever looking to start a fight, if you’re ever looking to, you know, get into a real riotous situation where you’re sure violence must happen… just shout, uh, ‘I love a Linux-based system that can plug in to the USB but doesn’t have the RAM of my ass.’ I don’t know what any of it means, but clearly others do… have very strong opinions about it. You put the Google people next to the MSN Search people, and the whole fucking thing goes pow.”

The really amusing part of it was that the audience went absolutely NUTS cheering. Anyone care to fill me in on what went on before the show?


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